Shenzhen Civada Precision Mold Accessories Co., Ltd.
Room 2206, Building B, Shenfang Plaza, South Renmin Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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    As a trustworthy standard mold component manufacturer in China, we are specialized in producing high-precision mold accessories of metals, plastics, automobiles, die-casting molds, etc. Our premium die parts are made of imported high speed steel and largely include press die components, plastic mold components and oil-free mold components. We are willing to manufacture irregular die parts according to your special requirements.

    Our superior mold components, such as guide pillar, guide bush, punchpin, punch retainer, ejector pin, ejector sleeve, ball cage, parting locks, oil free bushing, etc., have been exported overseas and obtained wide recognition and preference from customers around the world. The high-performance die parts, covering guide post, guide bushing, mold date insert, locating block sets, sprue bushing, die button, ball lock punch, guide post set, oil free slide plate, etc., can be excellently used in metal mold factory, plastic mold factory, stamping plant and machinery plant. Also, they can be applicable to electrical appliances, automobile industry and other industries.

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  • Quality Assurance

    We firmly believe that the highest quality comes from the design and manufacture. All of our personnel are involved in the quality control and our continuous improvement. We have strict control on the research, development, production and delivery, etc.; and the qualification rate of mold components has reached 99.5%.

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    Since the establishment in 1963 in Japan, MISUMI has been insisting on quickly and accurately providing a variety of high quality parts, including the parts for factory automation (FA), mold components, electronic parts, tools, consumables, etc. It creates low-cost business model via its own compilation of product catalog and direct marketing system. In addition, MISUMI works out the annual product planning based on the opinions and demands of customers as well as constantly develop high quality products.

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