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Plastic Mold Components

    1. Guide PostThis plastic mold component features premium quality, high precision and beautiful metallic luster; it has outer guiding post and inner guiding post. The guide post is generally cylindrical and generally has oil groove. The number of oil grooves increases according to the guide pillar’s extended length, and the limit number of oil grooves is usually 8.
    1. Guide Bushing The guide bushing, a kind of plastic mold component, is used in combination with the guide post. They together play an important role of guiding and have very tiny gap, which is less than 0.05mm, between each other.
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    1. Ejector Pin It can be used to separate the plastic products from the mold; the ejector pins made of carbide, such as tungsten steel, can be applied to long and thin holes; also, the ejector pin can be inserted into the mold and play a role of stabilization.
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    1. Ejector SleeveOur metal ejector sleeves can be used as high precision plastic injection mold components. The ejector sleeve is hollow and can be used to protect and guide the ejector pin, further extending its lifespan.
    1. Ball CageFeaturing high precision, high working speed and low friction coefficient and long service-life, our ball cage is an ideal component for your plastic mold. It is able to move in both radial and axial directions.
      Ball material: SUJ2/Steel
    1. Parting Locks Made of special nylon, this parting lock features excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Its tapered bolt can be tightened or loosened to adjust the friction between the base plate and resin sleeve.
    1. Mold Date InsertOur mold date insert features good quality and high precision; we adopt nitrogen treatment to improve its hardness and wear resistance. Additionally, if required, our mold date inserts for sale with other dimensions, lengths and materials are customizable.
    1. Locating Block SetsWe adopt the nitrogen treatment to our locating block sets for sale so as to improve its hardness; featuring high rigidity, superb gripping and light weight, our locating block sets are indispensable to your plastic mold. Also, the customization of steel locating block sets with other dimensions, lengths and materials is available.
    1. Sprue BushingFeaturing high rigidity, superb gripping and light weight, our sprue bushing for sale has obtained wide recognition among our highly regarded customers. The nitrogen treatment is applied to improve its hardness; also, the customization of other dimensions, lengths and materials is available.

The plastic mold is a convenient and effective processing tool for producing large quantities of plastic products with consistent quality. It is widely used around the world. In the early stage of mold's popularization, the plastic mold components were manufactured and processed based on the shape and characteristics of every single plastic product, which would lead to high cost of production and unsure delivery time.

In this context, the standardized components for plastic mold came into being and have been widely used. Moreover, there are fixed dimensions and tolerances in the mass production of plastic mold components, which further improves the components' quality stability and strongly guarantee the cost reduction.

Equipped with advanced production equipment, we offer a variety of plastic mold accessories, including guidepost, guide bushing, ejector pin, ejector sleeve, ball cage, parting locks, mold date insert, locating block sets, sprue bushing, etc. These plastic mold parts can be excellently applied to industries of plastic molds, plastic injection mold, punching mold, automobile die, etc.